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Light to my Feet


Left to right: Leila and Isabella after a late night, my car packed up, my mother and I after boxing and mother and I on our way to Corinto.



Getting 600 lbs of clothing out and about was not an easy task, but with music and my little helpers, it was truly possible. My mother too, was a great help in packing up the boxes.

Three weeks later, we were on our flight to Corinto, Nicaragua. Trip 1 was truly a 'trip', first our transportation canceled on us so  it was Uber time!

 We left my house at 2:00pm, and by the time we got to the airport, it was 3:15pm. The flight was at 6:20pm, en route to Austin, Texas (1-stop, lowest cost : ) and needless to say, by the time we got to Managua. It was 11:30pm, arriving at my grandmother's house a few minutes short of 3:00am - phew {{sigh}}.

Getting the clothes to Corinto, Nicaragua was one thing. Another thing was to set the store up which was more of a complex situation : )

Most businesses in Corinto operate inside a home, where children play and momma cooks. It is the most cost effective way to operate a business in Corinto. Therefore, the most cost-effective way to operate was indeed, the same way we too, will operate Light to my Feet Store.

Is it that the very things we ought to do we do not, yet those we should not - we do?

When you know why you do what you do, you just do it. This is why we chose to do what we ought to do.

Previously Worn Clothing and Shoes; Fund Transportation Cost and Operating Expenses 
Unified Prayer Reaches God's Ears & Spreading the Word Encourages Other to do the Same.
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